Creative Design / User Experience

Intuitive designs

Users must quickly grasp where to find what they're looking for and how to navigate to it. Web users intuitively discover visual clues included by designers. Simple things like page layout, headlines, color usage or even the size of a button provide the landmarks that help users easily locate the content they seek.

If these landmarks don't help users, they get lost on the page. On external sites, lost users translate into lost customers and lost revenue. On Intranet, inefficient and inconsistent standards and designs force employees and partners to take longer to complete their task, cause cycle times to lengthen and increase your company's cost of service.

User experience

A well-designed site isn't an option-it's a necessary component in a complete e-business solution. Our Web usability group can test your current site and give you an outside-in perspective from your customers. Information architecture ensures the site is organized so customers or employees can quickly access what they're looking for.

By combining information architecture, usability and human factors testing with design aesthetics, Inetra's User Experience group creates Web sites and multimedia content that work as well as they look.

Leveraging brand equity

From today's household names to the stars of tomorrow, Inetra helps your business shape and further the most important relationship you have: the one with your consumer. We nurture existing brands and build new ones. Our design, architecture and words are crafted not just to convey the appropriate messages, but to accomplish the task of turning a casual viewer into a lifelong customer.

Integrated marketing solutions

The Web is a great tool. Combined with marketing research, print design and broadband services, it's part of an integrated package that amplifies the impact on your audience.

Inetra's diverse creative team can craft an integrated marketing solution using each medium to its advantage. Print can drive traffic to your e-commerce site, interactive kiosks can assist retail customers, and full-motion videos can breathe life into a trade show display. We make sure you differentiate your company from competitors and convey your value propositions across the Web and other mediums.

Our ability to seamlessly merge our creative product with a company's overall technology vision continues to draw a varied list of companies similar only in their desire to lead their industries in innovative creative communications across multiple media.