Application Development

Harnessing technology to enhance your business

Inetra builds the solutions that maximize business performance. Whether you're integrating new applications with legacy systems or starting from scratch with a new business model. We offer a range of application development and integration services that reduces cost, enhances services, achieves efficiency and increase ROI.

Tools & Creative Techniques

The Inetra Integration Application Development provides our clients with strategic leadership and technical solutions to meet their e-business needs - solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer relationships, and run businesses more efficiently. Inetra can build a solution using a diverse set of software tools from Oracle and Sun including:

  • ASP
  • Visual Basic
  • C++
  • Oracle
  • J2EE
  • Force of IForce

Teams at our Iforce Center use a variety of tools and technologies to rapidly create, implement and test custom applications. They meet functional and technical requirements to build the systems that can increase customer loyalty, reduce cycle time and allow your business to focus on profitability.

Business and Integratable Solutions

In addition to developing world-class e-business solutions, our teams Web-enable & wireless enable strategic applications to improve access, delivery, and integration across existing enterprise systems. Our real-world experience in developing these solutions for virtually every vertical market allows Inetra to provide a total solution. Inetra's Application Development group handles a wide range of issues including:

  • Integration of legacy systems and applications Intranet and knowledge management solutions
  • Third-party software expertise
  • Mobile computing solutions component