Enterprise Application Integration

The recent climate along with rapid change in the computing industry has left most companies with a growing collection of diverse, incompatible platforms running disparate software. Some of these databases, packages, and applications may have been purchased; some have been developed in-house; some may have mysterious origins, but nevertheless are crucial to a company's business. What's missing is a way for it all to work together.

Integrating these diverse information resources, both within the enterprise and with business partners, can dramatically increase the value of your systems and enable business interactions not previously possible. Inetra's Integrated Technology Solutions Practice area helps you architect the infrastructure your company needs to enable real-time, integrated business processes required to compete and stay ahead in the Networked world.

Your bottom line is top-of-mind

Inetra can build integrated business applications for our Global 2000 clients from varied industry segments. Inetra's solutions produce rapid results from reduced implementation time frames and measurable ROI through increased revenues, improved customer service, and reduced operating costs.

Our experience can help you automate your most vital operations, too. We build systems that ensure your critical information gets into the hands of decision-makers more quickly, product cycles are compressed, costs are reduced and supply chain inefficiencies are virtually eliminated - all while solidifying business relationships and creating new revenue opportunities.

Inetra's solutions deploy quickly for faster return on your investment with increased revenues, improved customer service, and reduced operating costs.

To allow organizations to achieve their objectives, we have developed an efficient application integration methodology to implement mission critical EAI solutions. Inetra EAI solutions encompasses:

  • Enterprise integration methodology
  • Enterprise integration strategy development
  • Needs assessment and requirements definition
  • Integration architecture, design and implementation
  • Packaged solutions for telecommunication and wireless integrations
  • Reusable frameworks for adapter / agent construction
  • Custom intelligent adapter development
  • Delivery of standard and customized training curricula