Customer Relationship Management

Companies who'll tell you that advanced technology is the key to success in today's highly competitive business environment are only half right. Technology hasn't changed one fundamental business rule -- to succeed you must build and nurture customer relationships - it's just improved the way we can help you do it.

Customer relationship management (CRM) relies on more than just a software vendor's prepackaged solution. Your solution must incorporate intangible elements specific to your business that define your customers' experience with you. Inetra experts assist you with customer acquisition and retention, from strategy development to business process analysis to technology evaluation to post-implementation support. Our expertise enables us to aid your organization with a single problem or to guide you through a wide spectrum of business and technology issues, all with a customer-centric model in mind.

  • Inetra employs both proven third-party and custom solutions and processes to help move you closer to your customers and improve your organization's effectiveness, profitability, and growth potential.
  • Bridge the divide between customer needs and application capabilities through expert evaluation and development services.
  • Recommendations are based on a careful balance of customer relationship management and your maximum return on investment.

Integrated Solutions

Inetra can implement and integrate CRM. We are experienced in most CRM software packages, and apply that experience to integrate the system into your environment at the least expense and with the greatest ROI. Our expertise will help you implement a comprehensive customer relationship solution, while integrating your systems and allowing automation of many operations for better efficiency. Inetra consultants develop plans that change to accommodate the growth they will bring to your businesses, while minimizing impact to your organization. And our rapid deployment methodology means you and, ultimately, your customers will see results quickly.